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Apartments Ljiljana Simuni island Pag Croatia

ACI Marina Simuni

ACI Marina Simuni
ACI Marina Simuni lies in the western part of Simuni Bay in the Maun Channel.
Open: All year round.
The marina has 200 berths and 70 boat places on land. Berths have water and power supply.

Camp Simuni

Camp Simuni
"The camp stretches over 35 ha; it is full of attractive sites for accommodation of campers, camping trailers or tents, and our pitches differ in size and level of equipment. The camp also contains 60 fully equipped mobile homes of different sizes, offering a view of the Pag Archipelago. "

Simuni Island of Pag Croatia

Simuni Pag

Simuni Island of Pag  Croatia
Simuni is a small fishing village located in a natural bay on the south-western coast of the island of Pag, halfway between the island centres, Novalja and Pag.
The local people are hospitable and their traditional jobs are mostly fishing and tourism.
Simuni is ideal for family vacations, walks and swimming at nearby beaches. A particularity of Simuni is that you can welcome fishermen coming into the port in the morning, and in the evening go for walks along the entire coast of the bay, restore your strength in numerous restaurants that offer excellent local dishes, and during the day swim at nearby beaches and enjoy the crystal clear sea.

The ACI Marina Simuni is situated in the Simuni bay itself, while the Simuni camp is only a kilometre (0.6 miles) away from the town.

Island of Pag Croatia

The island of Pag is one of the biggest Adriatic islands: it is the fifth largest island with 284.50 square kilometres. Its 270 kilometres of the indented coastline make it the island with the longest coastline on the Adriatic, rich with coves, bays, beaches and capes. The biggest bay, the bay of Pag, is rounded by 20 km of the gravel beaches. Pag is unique due to its vegetation where trees are the most rare form. Therefore, Pag is the largest kingdom of rocky ground on the Adriatic, where thin grass, low aromatic herb cover, sage and immortelle grow. They make the foundation of the nourishment of the island’s sheep on the rocky ground, intersected by long dry stonewalls, giving a special flavour to the well known cheese of Pag.

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